About One Place

Formerly known as Onslow County Partnership for Children, One Place is a large child- and family-serving nonprofit organization in Onslow County, North Carolina. For more than 20 years, One Place has worked to strengthen the systems of care surrounding children and families through public-private partnerships. One Place believes that children are no small matter and by investing in children and families, we can provide the resources and programs to end child abuse and create a stronger, more resilient future for our community.

Our Vision: All children and families are safe, healthy, and living to their fullest potential.

Our Mission: When they have challenges, we connect all children and their families to programs and resources that provide opportunities and hope.

Our Values:

Responsibility: Holding dear internal and external accountability for the agency and those we serve.

Integrity: Honesty, trust and character in all that we do.

Innovation: Seeking solutions and making changes by introducing new methods and ideas.

Adaptability: Maintaining flexibility and openness to change for constant improvement.

Collaboration: Work jointly to create positive outcomes.

Inclusivity: Honoring and embracing differences as vital assets that enrich our community and strengthen our collective power to make positive changes.


One Place

is important to Onslow County

In order to build a strong and resilient community, we work to ensure that all children have a strong foundation and a healthy start. The first 2,000 days of a child’s life are essential for their future success. We partner with families, community agencies and professionals in the early childhood community to provide high-quality early learning environments that encourage healthy brain development and supportive, nurturing relationships that enable children to thrive. We work to raise awareness about child abuse and its impact on Onslow County and help educate our community about our role in protecting children and reporting abuse. Together, we continue to build a caring and responsive community with the necessary programs and resources available to families to help them succeed, prevent child abuse and maximize the chances that all children in Onslow County will become successful adults. When we get it right for all children, we get it right for the entire community because children are no small matter.

One Place was founded by a small group of concerned citizens in 1998 as the Onslow County Partnership for Children with $100,000 in private grant funding and a vision to ensure a healthy childhood for all children in Onslow County. From humble beginnings as an all-volunteer organization, OCPC grew exponentially into a thriving nonprofit that now provides distinct programs and services to thousands of Onslow County children and families annually. The organization was renamed One Place in 2021, representing the “one place” families can go to connect with resources that will help them succeed. At One Place, we take pride in our ability to leverage community relationships as we identify emerging needs, then develop and implement collaborative solutions to address them.