Success Stories


“They all were very respectful, polite. Made sure you felt comfortable and safe knowing they are here to help and listen. Under the circumstances you felt relieved to be there.”

– Child Advocacy Center Non-Offending Supportive Caregiver


“My daughter loved preschool…Sending her to school for the first time was very difficult, but (the teachers) made it easier on my family. Every morning they welcomed her with open arms and smiling faces. Not only did they teach her educational material, but also many social skills. I was able to witness so much growth from my daughter over the year she was in preschool. I could never thank (the teachers) enough for what they did for my baby. I am so happy that we chose to send my daughter to NC-Pre-K!”

– NC Pre-K Parent


“Raising a young child is hard work and places many demands on parents, especially when your child has additional challenges from an identified disability. From 2016 to 2019 Dannyel and Kali participated in the Early Head Start Home Visiting Program, and Dannyel describes the program as a “game-changer” for them. She says that she is a better parent because of the many resources and coaching provided by her home visitor. And mom proudly exclaims that other people notice how smart Kali is! Kali is 4 now and will be applying for NC Pre-Kindergarten for next year, because of her participation in Early Head Start, Kali received the early intervention services that she needed and is on track for school readiness. Dannyel is on track too, she joined the OCPC team as the Health and Disability Assistant for the EHS program and is dedicated to supporting children with special needs.”