Looking for Child Care?

Finding a high-quality child care provider that fits your family’s needs can often feel like an overwhelming task. Our team is here to help you navigate your options and select a safe, trustworthy, and nurturing program to meet the needs of your child and family.



Quality early childhood programs are part of the foundation of your child’s life. To provide your child with a strong start, we’ll connect you with child care centers, family child care homes, after-school programs or half-day preschool programs so your child can grow and thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

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Why is high-quality child care important?

The first 2,000 days of your child’s life are so important — and quality child care helps to build a strong foundation and ensure your child’s overall health, wellness, and long-term success — both in school and in life.

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Child Care in North Carolina


What is high-quality early learning?

The best programs provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where children have the space to play, learn, and participate in activities led by caring and knowledgeable early educators.


Star Ratings and Child Safety

As you search for the right program for your child, you will most likely see programs with star ratings. North Carolina has a star-rated license system that categorizes programs from those meeting the minimum requirements (1 star) to programs that meet additional voluntary criteria, such as teacher qualifications (2-5 stars). If you are looking at a religious-sponsored child care program and notice that it doesn’t have a rating, be aware that these programs will only receive a rating if they choose to apply and absence of a star rating does not necessarily indicate the program’s level of quality.

For additional information, we recommend visiting North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education.

EFMP Respite Care

EFMP Respite Care helps Navy families with children with special needs by providing 40 hours of respite care per month so they can leave the house, go to an appointment, or just rest, while knowing their child is well cared for. For an application or more information, contact Child Care Aware at (800)424-2246.


Child Care Subsidy

If you need help paying for high-quality early care and education for your child, assistance is available through the state of North Carolina.
For more information, reach out to Consolidated Human Services at (910) 219-4830.