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Name Position Phone Email
Dawn Rochelle Chief Executive Officer 910-938-7669 EMAIL
Buffy Farmer Chief People Officer 910-333-0621 EMAIL
Michelle Hamberg Chief Business Officer 910-333-0654 EMAIL
Cathy Wangerin Benefits Specialist 910-353-7892 EMAIL
Erika Triplett CAC Fiscal Specialist 910-968-2723 EMAIL
Emma Ames Fiscal Supervisor EMAIL
Melanie Brown Human Resources Specialist 910-938-1253 EMAIL

Child Advocacy Center

Name Position Phone Email
*CAC Main Number 910-353-5000 EMAIL
Kathleen Holbrook Vice President of Child Advocacy 910-353-5188 EMAIL
Noemi Rivera Child Advocacy Center Assistant Director 910-333-0623 EMAIL
Susan Jensen Forensic Medical Provider 910-333-0617 EMAIL
Sarah Merulli Forensic Medical Provider 910-333-0653 EMAIL
Gretchen Pensante Forensic Interviewer/Advocate 910-333-0615 EMAIL
Christine Jones Child & Family Advocate 910-577-3656 EMAIL
Becky Pitzrick Child & Family Advocate 910-353-3527 EMAIL
Marianne Hollingshead Child Advocacy Center Support Specialist 910-333-0622 EMAIL
Veronica Ortiz Project Manager 910-968-2783 EMAIL

Early Care and Education

Name Position Phone Email

Child Care Resource & Referral

Name Position Phone Email
Kara Darnell Child Care Resource & Referral Director 910-938-1568 EMAIL
Bethany Martin Child Care Resource & Referral Coordinator 910-938-1807 EMAIL
Esther Hoffman Resource & Education Specialist 910-577-3934 EMAIL
Reina Rodriguez Child Care Resource & Referral Program Assistant 910-333-0608 EMAIL
Cindy Chlomoudis Program Assistant 910-938-0336 EMAIL
Lisa Davis Early Literacy Coordinator 910-938-1015 EMAIL

Early Head Start

Name Position Phone Email
Christy Miller Director 910-577-1263 EMAIL
Netalia Dunn Child Development Services Manager 910-968-2788 EMAIL
Dannyel Bryant Health and Disabilities Assistant 910-333-0601 EMAIL
Caron Schienle Family Liaison 910-938-2967 EMAIL
Maureen Etienne Lead Home Visitor 910-968-2786 EMAIL
Charlene Dudley Home Visitor 910-333-0620 EMAIL
Mary Dawn Mays Home Visitor 910-968-2795 EMAIL
Amanda Smith Home Visitor 910-968-2794 EMAIL
Irene Lopez Program Compliance Specialist 910-333-0632 EMAIL
Katherine Goodwin ERSEA Specialist EMAIL

Early Literacy

Name Position Phone Email
Lisa Davis Early Literacy Coordinator 910-938-1015 EMAIL

School Readiness

Name Position Phone Email
Courtney Wandishin NC Pre-K Coordinator 910-939-2540 EMAIL
Colleen Leonard Training & Technical Assistance Supervisor 910-333-0633 EMAIL
Shannon Niro School Readiness Program Specialist 910-938-1138 EMAIL
Nicole Jachimiak NC Pre-K Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-939-2540 EMAIL
Iris Vargas NC Pre-K Training & Technical Assistance Specialist EMAIL
Amber Weathers NC Pre-K Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-939-2540 EMAIL
Jennifer Chastain Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-968-2782 EMAIL
Rachelle Gardner Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-968-2791 EMAIL
Beth Terry Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-333-0605 EMAIL
Salonika Wilson Training & Technical Assistance Specialist 910-968-2792 EMAIL

Organizational Advancement

Name Position Phone Email
Ann Marie Raymond Chief Advancement Officer 910-353-1384 EMAIL
Terri Uzzell Advancement Support Specialist 910-333-0611 EMAIL
Jenn Johnson Vice President of Advancement 910-353-1103 EMAIL

Insight & Communications

Name Position Phone Email
Sarah Cavaliere VP of Insight & Communications 910-968-2793 EMAIL
Molly McCabe Marketing & Communications Manager 910-968-2787 EMAIL
Autumn Bishop Program Evaluator 910-938-4683 EMAIL
Joe Coffey Director of Community Engagement 910-333-0610 EMAIL
Christina Malu Community Engagement Manager 910-333-0640 EMAIL

Multi-Partnership Accounting & Contracting

Name Position Phone Email
April Barber MAC Accountant 910-353-4715 EMAIL
Lacresha Frazier MAC Accountant 910-353-6130 EMAIL
Savannah White Accounting Tech/MAC Assistant 910-968-2784 EMAIL

Facility Operations

Name Position Phone Email
LaWanna Wooden VP of Program Integration 910-577-3357 EMAIL
Maribel Dorsey Operations & Facilities Manager 910-353-2756 EMAIL